Friday, October 2, 2009

starry night dining

Starry night it is with twinkling cutouts illuminating the heavens but the main attractions is
fabulous food. Billed as venison shank, my dinner partner looked at the plate as served
and asked "How is your deer, dear?" The answer: Divine.
My enjoyment was not diminished (though perhaps dented) by my knowing exactly where
the deer a.k.a. venison was raised - just where Munger Street turns north on the outskirts of Middlebury.
On the plate, the finished entree was covered with horseradish sauce, garnished with a variety of well prepared vegetables (carrots, string beans, Brussell sprouts, parsnips) and all this magnificence with a distinguished salad of garden fresh lettuces, with balsamic vinagrette
on the side.
Consider that all this was prefaced with a divine white wine, the house selection.
The fare was filling! Dessert, on first thought, seemed superflous but desire overcame doubt and I had a single scoop of a house prepared maple walnut something ice cream.